We Can Almost Taste the Burgers on the Grill for This Summer 2022

We Can Almost Taste the Burgers on the Grill for This Summer 2022

Summer 2022 is upon us (or almost!), meaning it’s time for great summer grilling ideas. Find out about our favourite summer grilling recipes, including how to prepare our burger on the grill and other delicious Syrian cuisine options such as falafel and shish tawook, so that you’re ready for your next summer BBQ!

Everyone’s Favourite Season is Here: It’s Going to be a Hot Grill Summer

One of the best parts of warm weather is having a summer barbeque. Who doesn’t love the smoky smell of a juicy burger on the grill? Tayybeh has got you covered when it comes to hot grill summer with our catering and frozen food options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. But first, some summer grilling recipes.

Summer Grilling Recipes and Ideas for You

Burgers, hot dogs, sausages, and steaks may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think summer BBQ. Here are a couple of less obvious but amazingly delicious summer grill options:

  • Shish tawook is a Middle Eastern chicken kebab marinated with a flavourful lemon, yogurt, and garlic sauce. Since it’s cooked on a skewer, it’s super easy to throw on the grill at a summer barbeque. Looking for a shortcut to experiencing this mouth-watering treat? Tayybeh has marinated and frozen shish tawook available for your convenience.
  • Musakhan is a rich chicken grill recipe that relies on sumac and a blend of other aromatic spices that will delight tastebuds. New to cooking with these spices for summer grilling? You may want to give our incredible Mesahhab Chicken a shot. The marinated chicken legs are seasoned with Tayybeh’s extraordinary special mix of herbs will infuse a phenomenal Syrian twist to your summer grilling.
  • Kebab is probably everyone's favourite grill, yes? Try Tayybeh's 6 premium all-beef skewers marinated with Tayybeh’s special herb and seasoning mix. 

    Add Burgers on the Grill this Summer BBQ Season

    Burgers are a staple of any summer barbeque, and they’re a crowd-pleaser for a reason! You can customize them with toppings, use pretty much anything from meat to mushrooms for a patty, and they’re fun to eat outdoors (and, let’s face it, make a mess of).  

    Try the Best Burgers on The Grill

    Tayybeh’s here to ensure you’ve got the best burger on the grill in summer 2022. Whether you’re a carnivore or living that vegan lifestyle, you need to try our burgers with a twist of Syrian cuisine. 

    This is not your average frozen food. Both classic burger patties and falafel burgers come ready to grill or fry, which means they can go from freezer to plate in minutes for a fresh, tasty meal.

    This vegan-friendly frozen falafel burger is sure to be a hit with vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Anyone who has tried to make falafel at home knows it can be tricky to get the perfect texture. Luckily, Tayybeh has made it simple to enjoy this tasty ground chickpea dish, made with our special falafel herb mix. An oversized burger-shaped falafel patty, Tayybeh’s falafel burgers can be deep or pan-fried to perfection before being enjoyed on a bun or kaiser with the topics of your choosing!

    We craft these halal burgers using premium ground beef and a traditional Syrian herb seasoning. They may look like your average burger but the taste is exquisite and extraordinary. The flavours inspired by Damascene-style grills, Tayybeh’s burgers are both unique and irresistible. Try them at your next summer BBQ and see what all the fuss is about!

    How to Prepare your Own Burger on The Grill Like a Pro

    If you’re wondering how to cook a burger on the grill, look no further. Here are the steps to getting the best burger on the grill:

  • Choose the best quality burger 
  • The best burger on the grill depends on the quality and fat content of the meat. The leaner the meat, the less juicy it will be. Texture is another key to a delicious burger. For veggie patties or leaner meat, you can add a bit of olive oil to patty mix to make it more tender.

    • Season with your taste buds in mind

    The patty should be seasoned well and left in the fridge for a few hours for ideal flavour. Be creative- use herbs and spices, cheese, sauces, and anything else you think will up the deliciousness factor! Avoid adding salt to your mixture, as it may dry it out. 

    • The shape of your burger matters 

    Roll your meat (or vegetarian mix) into a ball and press it into a patty. Ensure each burger patty has equal thickness throughout to ensure they cook evenly.

  • Prep your summer grilling space
  • Your grill should be cleaned, oiled, and hot before putting the patties on. The temperature you use will depend on what you’re cooking and your own preference; our favourite for beef burgers is medium heat.

  • Don’t press the patties!
  • Once the burgers are on the grill making that lovely sizzling sound, resist the urge to press on them with a spatula. You don’t want the sumptuous juices to be squeezed out- you want them in the burger to keep it moist. Let them cook, flip once, and then let the other side cook.

    And if you’re short on time and want to take the work out of your BBQ, let our team at Tayybeh do all the prepping! Just pick up or have your order of frozen Tayybeh Grillz delivered to your door and get grilling!

    Eat Local, Enjoy Your Summer Burger, Grills, and Barbeque with Tayybeh

    This summer 2022, we encourage you to eat local, Vancouver! One way to do that is order from one of your friendly neighborhood eateries. Tayybeh offers some of the best catering in Vancouver and has amazing, ready-to-grill summer burgers, kebabs, shish tawook, mesahhab chicken and other dishes made with locally-sourced and halal meat.

    Try our Tayybeh Grillz line of frozen falafel, kebabs, burgers and more to switch things up at your summer barbeque and get your hot grill summer rolling!

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