Canadian Households: Here Are The Tayybeh Tips On How to Navigate Rising Groceries Cost

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As the cost of living continues to rise in Canada and around the world, you might be worried about the rising prices of household goods, especially when it comes to how much groceries cost per month. Keep reading for tips on how to reduce the average cost of groceries as well as our tips on how to reduce waste along the way. 

Let’s Talk Context: Inflation in Canada

With the inflation rate in Canada at a 31-year high of 6.8%, it’s no wonder that people are feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks and worried about the rising groceries cost, food cost, and gas prices. Small changes in food prices are particularly easy to notice since many of us buy food several times a week. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help reduce your food costs!

Tayybeh’s Tips to Help Reduce Food Cost and Energy Resources Spent

Whether you need to worry about the average cost of groceries for one person per month, or you have a whole household to feed, there are some things you can do to save on food costs. Adding healthy frozen meals to your weekly menu, ordering bulk food online, buying from zero waste stores, and opting for catering are all foolproof ways that you can try to reduce your monthly groceries cost. 

Consider Bulk Food Ordering or Zero Waste Stores

If you’ve ever shopped in the bulk foods section of a supermarket, you’ve probably noticed that it’s cheaper than getting the same food in packaged form. There are plenty of great options for ordering bulk foods in Vancouver, including from many fantastic zero waste stores–such as Nada and Jarr–that we partner with to sell falafel and other delicious Syrian food. You can also contact Tayybeh directly and request bulk prices on any of our products and you can pick them or have them delivered waste free and at a remarkable price.

One benefit of ordering bulk food online is that it’s less wasteful due to needing less packaging. Another perk is that stocking up on your favourite foods in bulk means less trip to the store overall, which helps you save money on gas. 

Try Frozen Meals (Stock Up Your Freezer)

If frozen meals don’t sound appealing to you, then you haven’t tried Tayybeh’s delicious and healthy frozen meals. Stocking your freezer with healthy frozen meals is a great way to cut down on unnecessary driving to the store and means you always have a convenient and tasty backup to feed the family when you don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch.


Tayybeh offers affordable and healthy frozen meal options you’ll love, including vegan frozen meals like falafel or bean stew. If you’re a meat eater, you can order frozen meals like burgers or Syrian delicacies like chicken shawerma or sheesh tawook in bulk from Tayybeh. The generous portions are very filling–each meal can easily feed two persons–and will help you stretch your budget. You can purchase them on, but can also cut additional costs of delivery when you purchase them directly from our You can even pick them from our kitchen!

Buy Tayybeh Frozen Meals Here

Order Catering

When you’re asking yourself, ‘how much do groceries cost per month?’ don’t forget about another option you have…catering! Catering can be a very affordable way to feed groups of people that saves you time and money all while supporting local businesses! Economies of scale means that it is more affordable to produce larger quantities of food than to prepare food for fewer people. Also catering affords everyone the opportunity to have left overs which stretches the cost of food even more.

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Catering Uses Less Resources and Energy

Preparing a bigger batch of food in one go is much more efficient for a kitchen than preparing several individual and varied meals. When we get a catering order in advance, we know exactly how much of each ingredient we need and can cook the meals all at once. Fewer burners and fewer staff members traveling to our kitchen means less energy and effort expended to prepare the food.

Catering Means Less Food Waste

When you choose to cater Tayybeh’s boxed meals, you will get controlled and consistent portions every time, which minimizes food waste. When you opt for catering in buffet style, it minimizes the need for packaging and allows the kitchen to be efficient.


Get Tayybeh Catering Here.

Catering Vancouver Tayybeh

Try Picking Food Up

The average cost of groceries and meals can add up if you have them delivered all the time. One simple way to save some money is to go pick your food up so that you aren’t spending so much on delivery fees. You can also consolidate your orders and have them picked up all at once rather than over several individual orders. 

If You Really Need Delivery, Order Directly from Websites

We get that sometimes you want to enjoy the convenience of food being delivered right to your door. When you do opt for delivery, one way to reduce the bill is to order directly from the restaurant or store website.

As handy as popular food delivery services are, the cost can really add up when you use them frequently. That’s because these intermediary delivery platforms tack on a lot of extra charges on top of the price of the food. To reduce groceries cost, go straight to the source by ordering from a website.

Use Apps Like TooGoodToGo, a Tayybeh Partner

Even though food prices are rising, food waste remains a massive problem. Initiatives like TooGoodToGo are making it possible to have more eco-friendly and affordable meals. We are proud to partner with this B Corp to ensure that none of our surplus food goes to waste. Instead, we get to share more of our delicious Syrian food with you at great price.

As the cost of living continues to increase, it’s important for us to find a more sustainable way to shop. Now that you know some great options for healthy frozen meals, zero waste stores, and catering in Vancouver, we hope you’ll be able to reduce your average cost of food for your household! At Tayybeh, we are happy to help you enjoy delicious food while saving along the way!

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