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Tayybeh is Committed to Waste-Free Packaging

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Environmental sustainability is something we take very seriously at Tayybeh. That’s why we’re actively working towards being more eco-friendly by adopting zero waste principles.

We are eager to do our part towards achieving the goals of sustainable development keep reading to find out how we’re partnering with local businesses to be more earth friendly!


Making Tayybeh Eco Friendly

A commitment to being eco-friendly means that we are aware of the sustainable development goals. This is a set of 17 goals set forth by the United Nations to guide countries in achieving sustainable development. They cover everything from alleviating poverty and promoting gender equality to responsible consumption and production and acting on climate change. While Tayybeh is a 5-year social enterprise that has worked tirelessly to provide some of the vulnerable in society with a source of income and social mobility, we are determined more than ever to expand our work to cover environmental practises as well. 


As a small business in the food industry, learning how to reduce carbon footprint and using eco-friendly packaging is at the core of our efforts to be more sustainable.  


What We’re Doing to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

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We are committed to environmental sustainability, so one of the questions we ask ourselves is how to reduce carbon footprint?


One way we minimize our carbon footprint is to locally source everything we can from BC. For example, most of our meat is sourced from local BC growers  and is certified Halal. This lowers the amount of fuel used and food miles travelled by our ingredients so that our meals are more earth friendly.

The same is true of the fresh vegetables we use to create our delicious Syrian meals! Whether it’s our scrumptious salads, irresistible appies, mouth-watering mains, or delectable desserts, most of the ingredients that make these delicacies possible are grown or produced locally in beautiful British Columbia!  

Another step we’re taking is to use as many recyclable materials as possible to keep our waste generation to an absolute minimum. This means avoiding, as best we can, plastic and using biodegradable packaging.

Our Commitment to Eco Friendly Packaging and Zero Waste production

There has been increased demand for eco-friendly packaging across Canada, and we’re doing what we can to provide sustainable options to our customers. We are very excited to be partnering with a variety of earth-friendly businesses to make it easier for you to try delicious Syrian food with zero waste packaging.


Zero Waste Tayybeh Products Available at Jarr Delivery

Jarr is an amazing sustainable grocery delivery business that uses, you guessed it, glass jars to deliver pantry staples, fresh and frozen foods, and even household supplies.

You can now order a large jar of Tayybeh’s Garlic Pita Chips with our magnificent Syrian-style Hummus to keep in your freezer to thaw and enjoy at your convenience. A deposit for the container is included in your order, which you get returned when you have the container picked up during your next delivery! And just like that, there’s nothing to throw away or recyle!


Zero Waste Tayybeh Products Available at Livliteco

Another one of our partners, Livlite, uses returnable jars and biodegradable bags to deliver groceries. This zero-waste delivery service provides two options for delivering sizes of our special Syrian falafel–you can choose a jar of 6 or 12 falafels.


Zero Waste Tayybeh Products Available at Nada Grocery

We are thrilled that Nada Grocery is carrying Tayybeh’s home-style pita chips and scrumptious Mhammara Red Pepper Dip. Now you can enjoy this traditional Syrian treat with zero waste packaging. Nada allows you to come into the store with your own empty containers and delivers using jars and upcycled boxes.

Bonus: Nada did a “supplier story” blog post on Tayybeh that you can read here!


Zero Waste Tayybeh Products Available at Fresh Prep

When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, you don’t have to be limited to groceries. You have the option to get a full package of prepped ingredients to create a delicious meal at home.

Fresh Prep’s zero waste packaging comes in a convenient set of cups that can be lifted and emptied easily as you’re cooking. Whether that includes Tayybeh’s pita chips, dips, or falafels, now you can try your hand at cooking with some traditional Syrian add ons alongside  detailed instructions!


We Support BC’s Diverse Ecosystem by Staying Earth Friendly

From the ocean to the mountains, the stunning natural beauty of BC is a constant reminder of why it is so important to practice environmental sustainability. Tayybeh will continue to be earth friendly by supporting local farmers to reduce our carbon footprint, partnering with local zero waste businesses, and using sustainable packaging.



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