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Eat Local, Eat Tayybeh in Vancouver, BC

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If you’re wondering what the one thing you can do to eat more sustainably, it should be you should start with BC food. As a proud partner of the Buy BC initiative, Tayybeh is committed to making delicious, sustainably produced meals using food grown in BC. Here are some reasons to eat local, Vancouver!


When You Eat Local, You Support the Community

We are lucky to have an amazing variety of foods here in beautiful British Columbia. Vancouver is home to so many farmers’ markets, restaurants and specialty food stores that allow us to eat and drink delicious items from diverse cultural origins, all made by BC-based vendors. When deciding what to eat in Vancouver, there are many great reasons to buy and eat local.


When you buy local, you enjoy the unsurpassed freshness and quality of BC foods while also supporting the local food industry, from hardworking BC farmers and food processors to Vancouver restaurants and caterers. It’s even more important to support our local community since the pandemic has been so hard on the service industry. As hundreds of thousands of people across this province are employed by this industry, lifting them up by supporting their work, it is the best way to keep them working and sustained. This is especially true at Tayybeh, where our local all-women team is composed of many Syrian newcomer chefs. Every Tayybeh product you enjoy, goes towards supporting their livelihood. 


When you eat local in Vancouver and choose sustainably produced meals, it’s not only great for the community but also better for your health and the environment. Fresh food is more likely to retain its nutrients, and you have the peace of mind of knowing it meets our local quality standards. BC local food also has a smaller carbon footprint since it hasn’t travelled far!


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When We Ask What to Eat in Vancouver, Let’s Make it Zero Waste

When you’re thinking about what to eat in Vancouver, consider how much waste the food industry produces, both in terms of spoiled food and packaging. You’ve probably noticed how much plastic is used to keep imported foods fresh in the supermarket. Not to mention all the energy that goes into transporting foods over long distances.


By choosing BC local food that follows zero waste principles, you can do your part to encourage a food industry that prioritizes sustainably produced food. The fewer the number of steps food must take from when it’s grown to get to your plate, the less potential for waste. That’s why we buy local and eat local.


Did You Know These Specialty Food Stores Carry Tayybeh Products?

Speaking of eating locally, Tayybeh is excited to offer several tasty dips and spreads at local specialty food stores. Here are a few you can get to:


All our food is lovingly prepared by women who are members of the Vancouver community. Along with prepared meals, we also offer locally sourced ready-to-grill items so that you can prepare delicious Syrian specialties at home at your convenience.

Tayybeh’s Relationship Between BC Local Food

As a Vancouver based business, Tayybeh is keen on making sure most of our produce comes from local sources. Not only does this support businesses in our larger communities, it is more environmentally sustainable. For example, since we cook with so many vegetables, our produce is overwhelmingly local--from the Lower Mainland or Okanagan Valley. They are purchased either directly from these producers or through Vancouver-based distributors. Our pita bread, which features prominently in many of our meals, not to mention our irresistible pita chips are bought from a local bakery. Our high quality meats are all from certified Halal local butchers.  
Sustainably Produced Food Reduces Food Miles and Empowers Our Communities


What you choose to eat and drink has an impact on the environment. When you buy local, you reduce the carbon footprint of your diet and support BC local food. Why buy foods that have been shipped thousands of miles when you can support the local food industry by eating sustainably produced BC foods?


When it comes to how to eat more sustainably, Tayybeh has got you covered! Check out the variety of flavorful dips and spreads we have available at local specialty food stores. We’re always here to support our fellow local businesses and help you eat local, Vancouver.


Tayybeh’s BuyBC certified products include our specialty spreads and dips which are sold at local markets, stores and vendors; made locally according to the authentic home and family recipes of our amazing Syrian chefs. They include our hummus, eggplant mutabbal, and mhammara dips.
Also BuyBC certified are our delicious home-style pita chips, and our frozen meals, both of which are perfect to keep in your home for whenever you’re craving Tayybeh!


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