Tayybeh Grillz

Want to enjoy our amazing Tayybeh grilled kebabs, chicken, burgers, and vegan falafel burger anytime, anywhere? Make Tayybeh Grillz a staple of your backyard BBQ, your picnics in the park, or camping trips! Get our masterfully handcrafted and exquisitely marinated Syrian specialties in a new frozen and ready-to-grill form! While we love the smokey flavours, don't be fooled by the name. Tayybeh Grillz can also be baked in the oven or prepared on the stove-top!

All of Tayybeh's beef and chicken is Halal and locally sourced.


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Frozen Chicken Shish Tawook (grill)Frozen Chicken Shish Tawook (grill)
Frozen Syrian Beef Kebabs (grill)Frozen Syrian Beef Kebabs (grill)
Frozen Mesahhab Chicken (Grill)
Frozen Falafel <br> BurgersFrozen Falafel <br> Burgers
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