We Can’t Wait to Cater Weddings in 2022

We Can’t Wait to Cater Weddings in 2022

With the recent easing of pandemic restrictions, large gatherings are back, and that includes weddings in 2022! Wedding food is one of the highlights of any wedding, no matter how big or small, and at Tayybeh, we can’t wait to help people celebrate their special days with some of the best catering in Vancouver!

How Different Are Weddings this Year and What Can You Expect for Planning One?

Over the past two years, there were a record number of wedding cancellations, postponements, and virtual ceremonies due to the pandemic. Wedding venues certainly took a hit, as did wedding food catering – not to mention the disappointed couples who were not able to celebrate their love in the presence of their family and friends. 

Weddings in 2022 are back in a big way, both traditional large ceremonies and smaller more intimate ones, which means wedding venues are booking up and people are on the hunt, with some restrictions still in place, for summer wedding venues and food ideas to make their parties extra special.

First, Let’s Talk Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding in 2022 means you need to get your wedding venues booked as early as possible because they’re going fast in this post-pandemic wedding boom! There are so many important details that go into planning a beautiful wedding, from the outfits and music choices to the location and guest list. The larger the wedding is, the earlier you’ll need to start planning, though more intimate weddings might require more attention to the tiny details. 

One thing any type of wedding has in common is that they all require fantastic wedding food catering. Lucky for you, Tayybeh’s got plenty of wedding food ideas…

Most Importantly, Let’s Talk Wedding Food

People go to weddings to celebrate two people coming together to start a new phase of life. But we all know that wedding food is one of the things everyone looks forward to! That’s why wedding catering is such an important decision when it comes to planning your Wedding in 2022.

Here are the Top Trending Wedding Food Ideas

Before you decide on your summer wedding food, here are a few weddings 2022 trends to inspire some wedding food ideas.

  • Seated dinners

After going so long without being able to socialize in person, people are favouring seated dinners with multiple courses that allow them to spend longer periods sitting and conversing over delicious wedding food.

  • Grab and go stations 

Now that we can finally enjoy drinking and dancing in a crowd, there’s demand for quick wedding food ideas outside of the main meals so that guests can have a quick yet delicious snack and go back to the dance floor!

  • Value-focused wedding catering

More and more couples are opting for wedding food that has a positive impact, both through food choices and by hiring local vendors with a special focus on supporting the local economy. 

  • Specialty food options

Sometimes wedding food can be generic and repetitive. If it’s wedding season and your wedding is one of several in a short amount of time, it’s important to make sure the food you’re serving your family and friends stands out. More than ever before, couples are deciding to expand the choices of cuisines they serve at their weddings. One of the fastest growing wedding food is Syrian cuisine because it’s balanced, healthy, light, and caters to all tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions. 

  • Budget friendly menus

For couples planning weddings, deciding on what food to cater also depends on the number of guests. Who to include and who not to include should never come down to the per person cost of food on your special day. For this reason, many couples are adjust their food budget to ensure they can include as many of their friends and family as possible. Caterers like Tayybeh work with the couple to ensure the affordability of their wedding food with the utmost quality in taste and presentation.

If you’re looking to have a positive impact while also enjoying the best catering in Vancouver, Tayybeh is here to help with wonderful Syrian wedding food!

Let Tayybeh Handle Your Wedding Catering with Syrian Wedding Food

With these trends in mind, why not opt for some flavourful Syrian cuisine for your wedding food catering? Tayybeh allows you to think global while staying local by bringing you diverse and customized wedding catering that includes everything from crowd favourites like falafel and shawarma to delectable shish tawook.

We’re cooking up three menus at different rates so there will be wedding food deals to suit everyone. You can choose from buffet or family style for wedding catering, and we can adapt our Middle Eastern menu to any dietary restrictions, including fully vegan or vegetarian buffets. Not sure what wedding food ideas are best for your special day? We hold tastings so that you can try our Syrian cuisine and decide.

Tayybeh Service Goes Beyond Wedding Catering

With our wedding catering in Vancouver, we don’t just drop off the food at your wedding venue. We provide wonderful food servers to keep your guests’ plates full and host cocktail hours- plus we clean up afterwards. We also have dinnerware, linen, tables, and chairs available for rental to make your special day smoother and more hassle-free.

Over the last four years, Tayybeh has catered many weddings across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland with rave reviews from every single occasion. From large outdoor venues to small intimate family celebrations, our team can tailor every little detail to your needs. 


So far as wedding food deals go, Tayybeh’s delicious Syrian food and 5-star team are ready to make your wedding the most special day ever!

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