Tayybeh Kitchen Manager Rana Khalaf
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Who Manages the Magic in Tayybeh’s Kitchen? Meet Rana Khalaf

Have you ever wondered who oversees the magic that happens in the Tayybeh kitchen and ensures the quality of the flavourful Syrian food that you love? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the talente...

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You Can Now Find our Authentic Syrian Food Dishes at SPUD.ca!

Syrian cuisine is one of the oldest and most revered culinary traditions in the world, with a vast range of rich and flavourful dishes. Our unique social enterprise is only made possible through t...

bipoc businessSharing the Canadian Refugee Story: In our Chefs’ Own Words

Sharing the Canadian Refugee Story: In our Chefs’ Own Words

As a company made up of Canadian newcomers and Syrian refugees, Tayybeh’s culture, ethos and mission is directly linked to the experience and character of our fantastic colleagues.We are endlessly ...

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Tayybeh’s Story, and How it Became One Of The Best Companies Catering Vancouver (The Wellness Hub Podcast)

Check out Taybbeh Catering story on how it started as an act to support Syrian Refugees and turned into one of the best caterers catering Vancouver. The full The Wellness Hub Podcast is here.

mothers dayIntroducing our Mother's Day Gift Box

Introducing our Mother's Day Gift Box

At Tayybeh, we like to not only support local, but to champion other women-owned businesses in Vancouver. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of Vancity’s best female-owned businesses this Mother’...

gluten freeFive Ways to Cook with Mhammara

Five Ways to Cook with Mhammara

Middle Eastern food and Syrian cuisine is known for its unique taste, texture and blends of delicious spices. What many people don’t realize, though, is its versatility. Lots of Syrian and Middle E...