Now That Many of Us Are Back in Offices, Let’s Talk Lunch Office Catering

Lunch office catering


Many of us have had our work lives disrupted due to the pandemic, including missing out on group lunches and the office lunch catering options that come with them. Find out why Middle Eastern food is perfect for lunch office catering for your next work event!

Welcome Back to the Office Life

Even if you were lucky enough to work from home, you probably missed some parts of the office environment- like socializing over delicious catering. What better welcome back to the office than Syrian food?

If you’re looking for tasty and healthy office lunch box catering, then Middle Eastern food is a must-try!

Middle Eastern Food Catering Might Be the Best Option for Your Office and Employees

office lunch catering

Whether you go with Lebanese catering services or Syrian food, you can’t go wrong with this type of cuisine for office lunch catering options.

Why Middle Eastern or Syrian Food Catering You May Ask?

Middle Eastern food should be at the top of your list, and here are three reasons why:

  • Middle Eastern food is delicious and nutritious.
This diverse cuisine is tasty enough to be a hit for all the staff enjoying the lunch office catering. Plus, it’s a great way to maintain a healthy, balanced diet thanks to ingredients like lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats.
  • Middle Eastern food offers a great spread of unique flavours.

Why order yet another tray of sandwiches and chips when you can have a beautiful spread of fresh and flavorful food featuring unique spices such as za’atar and sumac?

  • Middle Eastern food offers something for any dietary preference.

In an office setting, everyone has different tastes. The diversity of Syrian food means there is something for everyone, including meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. 

In case you’re not familiar with Middle Eastern food, there is more to Syrian food than just falafel. This is what you’ll discover when you check out Tayybeh’s office lunch catering options…

Tayybeh’s Office Lunch Catering Options

office lunch catering

No matter what your lunch office catering needs are, we’ve got you covered. Choose from individual boxed lunches that make it easy to order to each person’s preference, or buffet style hot lunches that will make your coworkers happy to be back in the office!

We Offer the Office Lunch Box Catering

If you prefer individual office lunch box catering, we offer boxed lunches that range from falafel, kebab, and shawarma wraps to mouth-watering and filling salads created with Middle Eastern ingredients like eggplant, chickpeas, parsley, and more. 

…And Hot Buffet Packages!

It’s always nice to have a hot buffet available for office lunch catering options. Tayybeh offers both vegan and meat dishes for a buffet as well as delicious assorted pastries for dessert. 

If you Wish to Keep it Inhouse, Check out our Frozen Food and Packaged Items

Lunch office catering, not your thing? Then you can always stock up on delicious items in your staff kitchen so you can have Syrian food at your convenience. 

Check out our frozen food options for prepackaged meals that can be thawed and enjoyed anytime you need some great Middle Eastern food. We also have an amazing line of expertly marinated and ready-to-grill kebabs, chicken, burgers, and falafel that are perfect for office picnics.

Looking for a unique and tasty snack to go with coffee and tea for an office meeting? Forget the vending machine and instead choose from our Syrian delicacies that are sure to impress. You may also be interested in our popular dips and spreads, which make a delightful snack with pita bread.

Whether you choose Middle Eastern Food while looking for catering in Vancouver or decide to keep some Syrian frozen food in the office kitchen, we know you’ll be happy to have a yummy welcome back to the office. 

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