Allow us to Clarify: There is More to Syrian Food than Just Falafel!

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Allow us to Clarify: There is More to Syrian Food than Just Falafel!

Falafel is a well-known and loved dish across the Middle East and is a staple of Syrian cuisine.But there is much more Syrian food to experience! Here are some tips on Arab cuisine to try the next time you’re looking for catering in Vancouver.

Where Does Syrian Food Originate From?

Syrian food is a type of cuisine that originates in the Eastern Mediterranean country of Syria, a country with incredible diversity and home to so many  ethnic groups. Syrian food is influenced by a rich blend of cultures from neighboring countries and peoples who settled in the region over the centuries--including Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, Iraqi, and others.

Across the region, Syrian food is commonly considered one of the most complex and diverse of the  Middle Eastern food that is not to be missed! Want to try this exquisite kitchen? Tayybeh’s catering is one of the best ways to experience and experiment with this extraordinary cuisine. So give it a try next time you’re looking for catering!

What Exactly Makes up Middle Eastern Food or Cuisine?

The versatility and diversity of Middle Eastern food ensures there’s something for everyone. A region of the world known historically as Mesopotamia (or the fertile crescent), the land bears some of the richest produce in the world. This explains why so many of the dishes in Syrian cuisine are vegan or plant-based. Featuring eggplant, zucchini, green beans, peas, squash, chard, spinach, and molokhia (mallow), to name a few, Syrian appetizers and mains ensure a plethora of options for diners. 

Middle Eastern Food and Syrian Food Dishes

Middle Eastern food is characterized by a variety of delicious dishes made with uniquely regional ingredients such as  sesame seeds, chickpeas, lentils, vine leaves, olive oil, cucumbers, and rice. Beef, lamb, chicken, and sheep are the most popular types of meat, though other animals also feature prominently.

It’s customary to serve a selection of appetizers, known as mezze, before the main course. These appetizers are usually served with delicious Arab bread and include such treats as baba ghanoush (a smoky eggplant dip), halloumi cheese, hummus, yogurt, moussaka, stuffed vine leaves and much more.

By now, you should already be wondering  ‘is there Middle Eastern food near me’? Y

Why you Need to Always Ask: “Is There Any Middle Eastern Food Near Me?”

Whether you’re craving a hot buffet, or refreshing salads, dips, and spreads, next time you google ‘catering near me’, be sure to specifically look for Syrian food. Go beyond the falafel and try some more complex dishes like kibbeh, Syrian white bean and carrot stew, or Mesahhab roast chicken.

Syrian Food Catering is a Good Idea for Every Occasion

Syrian food is a fantastic choice for catering events because it offers something for everyone. Whether you love eating meat or prefer to stick to exclusively vegan or vegetarian options, there is a tasty Middle Eastern food dish to satisfy your craving.  

Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the many lentil and bean-based dishes, such as chickpea salad, beet tabbouleh, and yes, falafel-along with the great breads that are a part of Arab cuisine.

Carnivores too can delight in Middle Eastern food such as beef kebab, chicken shawarma, and shish tawook. With so much of Syrian food designed for sharing, appetizers, mains, and desserts from this incredible tradition are perfect catering options for the office, weddings, or simply a dinner among friends.

Syrian Food Recipes You Can Try to Make at Home

Tried some Middle Eastern food and want to have a go at making it yourself instead of catering? Here are a couple of easy dishes you can try to prepare at home:

Muhammara syrian food

  • Shawerma Salad: this quick, protein-filled meal is easy to make if you’ve got the right spices. Grill some spiced chicken and cut into strips and serve over lettuce and parsley with some tahini and lemon olive oil vinaigrette.

  • Eggplant Fattoush: For a delicious vegetarian meal, grill some diced eggplant and then toss with lettuce, parsley, and tomato. Drizzle with some pomegranate molasses and top with crispy pita chips for a nice crunch. Finally, season with garlic, lemon, and olive oil vinaigrette. 

Once you get the hang of cooking with the right spices, you’ll be able to prepare more complex flavorful Syrian food at home in no time. But the best way to develop the right taste for this food is by enjoying it through catering.

Next time you have that falafel craving...

Remember to try some other great Syrian food along with it. With so much great Arab cuisine to work your way through, you’ll have plenty of reasons to opt for Syrian food catering again and again.

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