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You Can Now Find our Authentic Syrian Food Dishes at SPUD.ca!

You Can Now Find our Authentic Syrian Food Dishes at SPUD.ca!

We’re excited to announce that you can officially find some of Tayybeh's most popular products on SPUD.ca’s virtual shelves! SPUD.ca is an online grocery service delivering sustainable and local products to doorsteps throughout BC, as well as Calgary and Edmonton.


Syrian Cuisine...

Is one of the oldest and most revered culinary traditions in the world, with a vast range of rich and flavourful dishes. Our unique social enterprise is only made possible through the impressive talents of our incredible newcomer Syrian women chefs. We aim to empower these remarkable women while highlighting the delicious, healthy, and unique fare of their homeland. 


Syrian Food Catering Vancouver


We’re delighted to be able to offer our vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free Syrian food to more people in greater Vancouver. Our meals from SPUD are served as portions for two! The dishes you can now shop at SPUD.ca include the following:

Shish Tawook

These are perfectly marinated, grilled chicken breast kebabs served with Mandi rice (seasoned Basmati) and Mediterranean seasonal roast vegetables. This is a light, nourishing Middle Eastern dinner staple bursting with the herbs and spices of Syria. 



Chicken Shawerma

Our amazing homestyle shawerma is made with delicious strips of grilled chicken that are marinated in Tayybeh's special seasoning and served alongside white Basmati rice and roast seasonal vegetables. This simple yet satisfying dish is hugely popular throughout the Middle East.


Tayybeh Vancouver

Mesahhab Roast Chicken

This exquisite meal of tender roasted chicken legs (marinated in our signature sauce) served with Mandi rice and Mediterranean seasonal roast vegetables is perfect for weekend get-togethers with family, or weekday date nights at home!


Tayybeh Vancouver 

Syrian White Bean and Carrot Stew

The ultimate comfort food, Syrian stews are a simple yet delicious option for those eating healthily, avoiding dairy or following a vegan diet. Our White Bean and Carrot Stew is slow cooked in tomato sauce, leaving it bursting with flavour, rich in texture and filled with nutritious, vegan ingredients.

Tayybeh Vancouver

Syrian Meatball Stew

Meatball stew is one of the Middle East’s most enjoyed dishes for a reason! To make this Syrian stew, our chefs season beef meatballs with an array of aromatic herbs and spices before cooking withtomatoes. Enjoy it with fluffy white Basmati rice and Mediterranean seasonal roast vegetables. 


Tayybeh Vancouver

Shop a selection of our dishes on SPUD.ca, or browse others on our menu pages. Order online now to enjoy some of the most delicious Syrian and Middle Eastern food in Vancouver!

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