How to Enjoy This Unique FIFA World Cup 2022 With the Best Foods

Fifa world cup qatar 2022 food

As the World Cup semi-finals approach, football (or soccer, as we call it in Canada) fans everywhere are getting excited and preparing to host gatherings to watch the final matches. And no World Cup finals watch party is complete without delicious World Cup food!

Find out why the FIFA World Cup 2022 has been so special to us and why Middle Eastern food catering for World Cup snacks is the best choice to celebrate this historic event.

The Qatar FIFA World Cup Has Been So Special

The World Cup finals are always an exciting event since we have the opportunity to see the best soccer teams from all around the globe competing in the most watched event of the year. The FIFA World Cup 2022 is particularly special for us for a few different reasons.

What’s Making it Special

  • Qatar is the first Arab and Muslim country to host the World Cup
  • This is the first time in the entire 92-year history of the event that the World Cup has ever been hosted by a Middle Eastern country. Although Qatar’s team was eliminated just two matches into the tournament, being the host of this global event is a significant achievement that’s being celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

  • Female referees are making history at the FIFA World Cup 2022
  • For the first time ever, three women were selected to officiate the men’s World Cup, along with three female assistant referees. As an organization with a mission to empower women, Tayybeh is celebrating our talented sisters being given a chance to show their skills on the world stage.

  • The first African and Arab country to reach the World Cup semi-finals 
  • Morocco has become the first African country to ever reach the World Cup semi-finals after they defeated Portugal last week. This also cause for celebration by Muslims globally since Morocco is an Arab and Muslim country. Millions will be watching with interest as they take on their former colonizers, France.

  • Sharing Middle Eastern food and culture with the world
  • One of the beautiful things about the World Cup is that it’s not just a celebration of athleticism. It’s also a chance for the host country or region to share its culture and food with the world. When it comes to World Cup food this year, what could be better than Middle Eastern food?


  • Canada Made It!

    Canada made it for the first time since 1986 and impressed despite an early exit. We are proud of them despite their losses (to semifinalists Morocco and Croatia, and World #2 Belgium).

    We understand and recognize that this World Cup, like many others, is rife with controversy and human rights violations that deserve attention and address. We hope that the spotlight helps bring justice to all those who are marginalized.
    That doesn't stop up from loving and enjoying the "beautiful game!"


    Experience the World Cup as if You Are There! Try Middle Eastern Food

    We can’t all be lucky enough to watch the World Cup finals in person, but we can gather with friends and family to watch from home while enjoying some tasty World Cup snacks.

    Tayybeh is a Huge Fan and Knows That the Best Games are Seen With the Best Food and Snacks

    We’re big fans of soccer and, like many around the world, we’ll be watching and cheering along during the World Cup semi-finals and finals this week. The only thing we’re bigger fans of than our favourite teams is Arab cuisine!

    How Food and Sports Go Together Hand in Hand

    Enjoying great snacks, whether it’s Syrian food or something else, is all a part of the fun when it comes to watching sports. After all, you need something to munch on between exciting goals and something to throw at the TV when a ref makes a bad call! 

    qatar football 2022

    Get Ready for the World Cup Semi-Finals and Finals With Tayybeh

    semi finals schedule

    When it comes to Middle Eastern food catering in Vancouver, you won’t find more variety and flavour than with Tayybeh’s amazing selection. We’ve got plenty of mouth-watering World Cup food ideas for this special week…

    Whether You are Hosting….

    If you’re having people over to watch the World Cup semi-finals and finals, there’s no need to stress about cooking a complicated meal. After all, you want to enjoy the games too! That’s why our ready-to-grill Tayybeh Grillz options are the perfect thing to have on hand for game day! Just pull them out of the freezer, and pop them in the oven or on the grill for quick, delicious Syrian food.

    hummus dip and pita chips vancouver

    Looking for more elaborate World Cup food options? Why not order catering from our special Holiday menu and enjoy a turkey meal with a Middle Eastern food twist?

    If you prefer to offer your guests World Cup snacks rather than a whole meal, we’ve got something for that too! Enjoy shareable, snackable Syrian food that’s sure to be a hit, including our Syrian Vegan Platter, Damascus Delights, and other assorted platters full of delicious snacks.

    Or Going to Watch it at a Friend’s House…

    If you’re heading over to a friend’s place to watch the World Cup finals and don’t want to show up empty-handed, take unique World Cup snacks in the form of Christmas Boxes made up of Syrian food that doubles as a holiday gift! No matter which country wins the World Cup, you’re sure to be a winner when it comes to these incredible Syrian food options.

    tayybeh vancouver catering holiday meals and holiday gifts

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