Picnic Checklist: How to Plan and Organize the Perfect Picnic

Picnic Checklist

Spring has arrived, and that means picnic season is just around the corner! If you’ve ever wondered how to organize a perfect picnic, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for the ultimate picnic checklist, which will show you how to plan a picnic step by step.

How Do You Organize a Perfect Picnic?

Picnics aren’t just about the food. There are a lot of things that go into creating a great experience. What makes a successful picnic is careful planning to ensure you don’t forget any essentials or end up in a less-than-ideal location. A handy picnic checklist that you can refer to will help you set up a perfect picnic, so let’s look at what’s on the list.

The 5-Step Picnic Checklist

Here’s the picnic checklist you need before you head out for your next outdoor meal to help you set up a perfect picnic.

1 - Choose the Ideal Picnic Location

You can prepare the most delicious food in the world, but your group may not enjoy it if you’re eating it in a mediocre location. Picnics are as much about enjoying natural beauty as they are about the food. That’s why the number one item on the picnic checklist is picking a great location. 

The perfect picnic location for you depends on the vibe you’re aiming for. If you’re hoping to enjoy a peaceful, intimate experience then you probably want to avoid busy parks on weekends. If there are children in the group and you’d like a livelier ambiance, then choose a location that has plenty of entertainment, such as a playground, water for swimming, or sports courts. 

Keep in mind that many public parks fill up early and benches and outdoor grilling areas are often on a first-come first-served basis. If you’re not able to turn up early, you may want to choose a place that allows advanced reservations.

2 - Choose Foods That are Easy to Travel With

When you’re used to serving meals from a kitchen, it’s easy to forget what food items don’t do so well at room (or warmer) temperatures. Remember that you may not have shade (unless you’re carrying an umbrella), so the sun will warm up your food quickly.

Don’t include picnic foods that are likely to spoil quickly or require refrigeration to maintain their shape or form. Unfortunately, that means no ice cream! Similarly, you should think about how to prepare certain foods. While a cut-up fruit platter is nice to have at home, whole fruits are a better choice for a picnic snack. 

You also need to consider what foods may spill easily and how you’re going to serve them before finalizing your picnic menu. The last thing you want is leaking food containers that make everything else soggy and don’t leave enough food for the group! Soups and other hot liquids are not a great choice for picnics for this reason- not to mention they require bowls and spoons. The less cutlery you have to pack, the easier, so try to choose as many finger foods as possible to make up your picnic spread.

3 - Don’t Forget to Bring Hydration

No picnic checklist would be complete without mentioning beverages. A picnic involves being outdoors for an extended period, usually in sunny weather. Make sure you plan to bring enough water and other refreshing beverages for the whole group. 

Homemade lemonade or iced tea are popular classics to bring along, though these days it’s easy to find any type of beverage in canned form. You should avoid glass bottles as they can be a hazard if they break- we’ve all been barefoot at a picnic and the last thing you want is for someone to step on a shard of glass!

4 - Use the Right Containers and Pack Smart 

To be a pro picnicker, you’ll need to invest in a few affordable items that can make all the difference in making a successful picnic. Durable plastic containers with tight-fitting lids, an insulated bag, some reusable cloth bags, a cooler, plastic cups, and lightweight cutlery are all picnic items that will help you lay out a good picnic.

Packing your supplies strategically is also important. Use an insulated bag to pack items that need to be kept cool, starting with ice packs on the bottom (frozen water bottles will also work- plus you can drink the water after it melts!) followed by the heaviest items. The most fragile items and anything that doesn’t need to stay cold should go on top. 

5 - Invest in a Cart With Wheels 

Depending on how far you have to walk between the vehicle and your perfect picnic spot, you may need a rollable cart to help you carry your food and supplies. Sure, it’s possible to lug your bags across the park or beach…but is it really worth stopping to rest every few minutes and ending up with a sore arm? Not to mention the food may get messed up as it shifts in the bags while you’re adjusting them. Instead, easily stack your stuff in a wagon or cart and pull it along effortlessly to your picnic spot.

Tayybeh Can Help With the Food Part of Your Picnic Checklist

Thanks to this picnic checklist, you know that the answer to ‘what makes a successful picnic?’ is more than just food! Once you’ve taken care of the other elements of planning a picnic step by step, don’t forget to consider Tayybeh for a unique and flavourful picnic food option. From easy-to-carry dips and spreads and homemade pita chips, to ready-to-grill BBQ items, we’ve got a great selection of convenient foods that can help elevate your next picnic.

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