How Frozen Foods and Frozen Meals Are as Healthy as Fresh Foods

How Frozen Foods and Frozen Meals Are as Healthy as Fresh Foods

Obviously, the word “Fresh” in front of any food makes it more desirable and costly. We are programmed to think that fresh is always best, and that frozen food is less desirable. From the early days of refrigeration and freezing–which revolutionized the way we eat–people have been puzzled by the question of Fresh vs. Frozen. To answer the question of whether frozen food is as good as fresh food, we must be curious about the difference between fresh foods and frozen foods in terms of your health? Maybe you’re wondering, ‘does freezing food destroy nutrients?’ or ‘how do frozen food dinners stack up against fresh foods’? Keep reading to learn the benefits fo fresh and frozen fooda benefits!

Why We Need to Debunk the Myth That Frozen Foods are Bad for You

Frozen foods have a reputation for being less healthy than fresh foods, but all frozen foods are not created equal! The stereotype of salty, high-fat frozen food dinners is outdated, and the benefits of frozen food should be understood because fresh foods are not always available.

Let’s face it, sometimes you’re just too busy to cook an elaborate meal with fresh ingredients. Not having time to shop for the right ingredients or cook can lead to snacking on unhealthy processed foods that are more convenient. If you’ve got some healthy frozen food dinners ready instead, you can avoid this.

So, are frozen foods bad for you? The answer, as is often the case, is that it depends! Healthy frozen foods are just as good as their fresh counterparts. There are even some cases in which frozen foods are better than fresh foods. Let us explain!

Frozen Foods Retain Vitamins and Minerals

Fresh foods tend to be picked before they are ripe since they will be transported and sit on shelves before being consumed. During the time it takes for fresh food to reach your plate, they are not stable. Instead, with every passing day, they are losing their vitamins and minerals ingredients. 

Contrary to common belief, frozen foods actually keep more vitamins and minerals because these foods are harvested when ripe and frozen within hours of being picked. Basically, they are frozen at the height of their nutritional value. So when thawed and eaten, they are consumed as if they were just picked or prepared. It is the closest to the optimal nutritional period one could get. This means frozen fruit is good and maybe even better than fresh!

Frozen Foods Preserve Macronutrients

Frozen foods that are healthy going into the freezing process come out healthy on the other side! Macronutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrate content don’t change when frozen. That means a high-protein frozen dinner will provide the amount of protein you expect, and no less than what you’d get from the fresh version of the same meal.

Frozen Foods Are Better for the Environment

Food waste is a big environmental problem, and frozen food can be a solution. The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) reports that almost half of all fruits and vegetables produced annually worldwide are wasted. The National Zero Waste Council in Canada reports that 63% of food thrown away in the country is suitable for eating. The average Canadian household wastes 140 kg of food each year (amounting to more than $1300). Freezing food is one of the primary ways to reduce food waste. Frozen food has a longer shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about it rotting and having to throw it away. It also reduces the number of fresh ingredients thrown away when you overshop. Finally, rather than eating out-of-season produce shipped from far away, healthy frozen foods provide a convenient way to enjoy a variety of meals without a hefty carbon footprint. 

Does Freezing Food Destroy Nutrients? (No!)

By now you know that freezing food does not destroy nutrients, and in fact does a better job of preserving them compared to fresh foods! Not only are nutrients preserved but having a strategic stash of healthy frozen foods in your freezer is good for your health because it eliminates the need to order takeout, which tends to be unhealthier.

Does That Mean That Frozen Foods Are Better Than Fresh?

Now that you know that the answer to the question ‘are frozen foods bad for you?’ is very often  ‘no’, you might wonder if frozen foods are even better than fresh. Let’s summarize the benefits of fresh and frozen food. 

Fresh and Frozen Food Benefits

Fresh fruits and vegetables plucked from the plant at maximum ripeness and eaten immediately are ideal for our health. Unfortunately, we very very rarely have access to fruits and vegetables in that optimal stage. In reality, most of us are buying produce that has been picked weeks in advance, packed, shipped, and stored even before it reaches us. To maintain a healthy diet, ideally one should include both fresh and frozen foods in their daily intake.

Benefits of frozen food include being able to ensure healthy, well-balanced meals for your family in a convenient and affordable way that also reduces food waste. Next time you’re low on time, make sure you have nutritious options ready and waiting in the freezer.

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