Meet Hala, Tayybeh’s Rockstar Events & Catering Manager

Meet Hala, Tayybeh’s Rockstar Events & Catering Manager

Whether you’ve attended our Valentine’s Day Dinner, our Ramadan brunches or partnered with Tayybeh for your own on-site event, you’ve likely met our wonderful Events & Catering Manager, Hala, who we’re excited to spotlight today.

Who is Hala Maghamez?

Originally from Allepo, Syria, Hala arrived in Canada with her father George, mother Layla, sister Amar and brother Fouad in December of 2015. Forced to migrate due to the Syrian war, Hala, her parents and her siblings took refuge in Lebanon to qualify for refugee status in Canada. Soon, they were sponsored by a church in Edmonton and made their way here.

“We felt very welcome by the whole community in Edmonton. When we arrived, they helped us with everything to settle in and feel like home.”

Hala soon began studying film at Vancouver Film School before joining the Tayybeh team as a server in 2022. One year later, she took on the role of Catering Manager and has been rocking events ever since.

A Day in the Life of Tayybeh Events & Catering Management

Each day, Hala helps clients create the best menus for the events while keeping processes organized to ensure that we give people the best experience possible with Tayybeh. 

“I start taking calls and responding to emails as early as 8 AM, contacting anyone who has left messages, sending menu suggestions, customizing their selections. Any in-person meetings are typically with brides and grooms or collaborating with other team members. I usually finish work around 5 but I stay open to calls until about 8 PM.”

On Getting to Work Primarily with Others from Syria

“It feels like home, working with people who have the same culture and language makes it so much easier and more creative.”

What is the Most Challenging Part of Your Job?

“Accommodating last-minute orders and all the different dietary needs.”

What is the Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?

“Serving the right food items for people who have dietary needs and them being very happy after trying the food.”

[Promoting Syrian cuisine at Tayybeh] feels wonderful. One of the things I am proud of the most from my Syrian heritage is the amazing food so being able to have people try it makes me more proud.”

Hala notes that it's very nice to work in the food industry in general as everyone likes food, “especially delicious foods.” Her favourite Tayybeh food is our Kebab in Tahini Sauce and Mandi Rice while the food that reminds her most of her home is Makloubeh

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