Five Middle-Eastern Meals for all the Family

Five Middle-Eastern Meals for all the Family

Eating together is a central part of Middle Eastern culture. Syrian food is cooked with family in mind, and when we cook, it’s our way of showing our loved ones how much they mean to us.

We believe that every meal should be filled with laughter, love and delicious ingredients! Take a little inspiration from Syrian cuisine and celebrate your family with the help of our centuries-old dishes, crafted with rich spices, fresh ingredients and lashings of love. 

This mixture of meals - including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals options - is your perfect introduction to the delicious world of Middle Eastern food in Vancouver. If you're looking to sample some Syrian cuisine in Vancouver, are celebrating a special occasion or are simply enjoying the company of your family, get inspired by these delicious, healthy family favourites!

Remember, we deliver for free in Vancouver for orders over $50. See our full selection of fresh meals here.


Fava Bean Stew

If you're searching for some comfort vegan food in Vancouver, our Fava Bean Stew is a great, easy dinner option. Our chefs slow-cook the fava beans with tomato, parsley and spices to achieve that tangy, Middle-Eastern flavour. Serve with pita bread, zesty cabbage salad and hummus dip for an authentic, flavoursome Syrian meal that's vegan and nut-free.

Vegan Moussaka

Our Syrian moussaka recipe is made with the vegan, gluten-free ingredients of beautifully seasoned eggplant, zucchini, onion and potatoes in a rich tomato sauce. This tasty, healthy and wholesome dish is one of our favourite vegan offerings at Tayybeh! 

Falafel Meal

Falafels are a staple food in Middle Eastern cuisine, and remain one of the area’s most popular exports! Tayybeh’s specialty chickpea falafels are served with white Basmati rice, zesty cabbage salad and hummus dip - the epitome of simple yet effective! 

You can also now buy a frozen falafel platter to keep in your freezer ready for snacking, or for a future meal. Available in packs of 12 or 24, heat them in the oven for six minutes, or in the microwave for less than a minute!  

Kebab in Tahini sauce

Our deliciously seasoned beef meatballs are prepared in a smooth tahini sauce, packed with a distinctive roasted sesame flavor. Enjoy on a bed of fluffy white basmati rice, zesty cabbage salad and a dollop of hummus.

White Bean and Carrot Stew

The ultimate comfort food, Syrian stews are a simple yet delicious option for those eating healthily, avoiding dairy or following a vegan diet. Our white bean and carrot stew is slow cooked in tomato sauce, leaving it bursting with flavour, rich in texture and filled with nutritious, vegan ingredients.


Why not complement your main meal with a few of our mouth-watering salads and appetizers? Favourites include our crispy cauliflower, cheese samboosak and beet tabbouleh. Order online now to enjoy some of the most delicious gluten-free food in Vancouver!

Alternatively, find us on Uber Eats or visit the fresh meals and frozen meals sections of our website to find out how you can receive Middle Eastern food - including low carb, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options - straight to your door with our meal delivery options. 

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