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A Dash of Know-How and Dollops of Ambition: Why Operations Manager Tahani Awad is Tayybeh’s Secret, Business Ingredient

A Dash of Know-How and Dollops of Ambition: Why Operations Manager Tahani Awad is Tayybeh’s Secret, Business Ingredient

From product development to cooking up a storm, there are many factors that work in sync to keep Tayybeh’s business operations running smoothly, efficiently and, of course, deliciously. If we had to reveal our one secret ingredient, however, it would probably be in the form of our incredible Operations Manager, Tahani Awad. 

Responsible for managing a number of aspects in Tayybeh’s company’s operations, Tahani plans, prepares and manages daily operations and administrative activities. This spans from providing services to meet set targets and deadlines to ensuring the company is complying with set industry standards of quality and service.

Tahani’s Background

Her family are from Palestine, but Tahani was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After studying Fine Arts at Damascus University, she went on to specialize in Graphic Design. Before the Syrian War, Tahani worked as an Art Director for the graphic design department in a childrens’ toy company in Syria. She was relocated to Dubai after the war, before eventaully moving to Canada in 2018. Her journey at Tayybeh began the following year.

A Day in the Life of Tayybeh’s Operations Manager

Have you ever wondered what life as an Operations Manager actually looks like? As Tahani has learnt, it’s pretty varied. “Every day there are challenges, with new things to learn which add to my experience and skills. 

“My day starts early with a nice cup of coffee and two pieces of dates - then it gets busy, challenging, yet productive and fun”, Tahani explains. 

Daily curveballs aside, Tahani says the biggest obstacle she had to overcome when joining Tayybeh was familiarizing herself with a different type of business - one she had limited experience in. “I come from a different professional background, and the challenges I am still facing - especially with the business changes and the COVID-19 situation - are to keep up with the new changes, to stabilize the business and to ensure it keeps growing.”

She has, however, learnt some important lessons along the way. “Do not get stuck in an industry and limit yourself”, she says.“ If you make sure you’re upgrading your skills, it’s easy to be super excited and motivated. It’s also important to try things you’ve never done before. Believe you are the best in what you do and NEVER stop learning.”

Taking On and Overcoming the Challenges of COVID-19 

Since making its unwelcome appearance over a year ago, COVID-19 has changed how, why and where we work. As Operations Manager, Tahani had to implement some new steps and strategies in order to effectively fight the threat Covid-19 posed to our future. 

“I followed and applied the public health regulations and restrictions personally and professionally, I considered different strategies in terms of running the internal operation by relying on each chef’s strength, and divided the work based on specialties. 

“That helped to keep productivity and quality within Tayybeh’s high standard, especially after changing the business model to be a more adaptive and efficient business style after COVID-19.”.

Tayybeh’s Biggest Company Achievement, Through Tahani’s Eyes  

With a steady stream of problems to solve and solutions to offer, Tahani’s role is a busy one. While she’s the absolute backbone of Tayybeh’s operations, Tahani says her biggest achievement is “being part of a business that provides a career opportunity to newcomer chefs, and helps them be a productive part of the society and introduce Syrian cuisine to the Canadian community.”

“On a personal level, I am proud of playing an effective role with a special, talented team that made Tayybeh one of the successful social enterprises in Vancouver.”

In terms of the customers Tayybeh serves, Tahani hopes that Tayybeh offers them an opportunity to share the Syrian heritage, taste the country’s authentic food and achieve some insight into the culture behind it.

“I am excited and motivated by the new business opportunities we are exploring”, Tahani says, “and looking forward to learning and adding to Tayybeh’s success.”

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