Corporate Party Vancouver: 7 Ways To Stand Out With Catering

Corporate Party Vancouver: 7 Ways To Stand Out With Catering

Corporate Party Vancouver: 7 Ways To Stand Out With Catering

As one of BC's top specialty caterers for the last 6 years, Tayybeh offers tips to wow clients at formal events. A corporate party in Vancouver can be a fantastic opportunity to create positive memories and build team morale with your colleagues and clients. However, to ensure a successful event, it is important to focus on every detail, especially when it comes to catering. Food can make or break a party, so you want to make sure that you stand out with the best catering choices. Here are seven ways to stand out with catering at your next corporate party in Vancouver.

Customized Menus

One of the easiest ways to stand out with catering is to offer customized menus that cater to the needs of your guests. By doing so, you can ensure that your guests are happy with the food choices and that they leave feeling satisfied. For example, Tayybeh offers a large number of options for catering and covering any and all functions. The ability to tailor menus to the liking of the client allows them to meet all of their guests' needs and ensures a smooth, hassle-free, and all-round satisfying experience. 

High-Quality Food Ingredients

Using high-quality ingredients is a surefire way to make your catering stand out. Opt for fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that are in season to create a memorable dining experience for your guests. At Tayybeh, absolutely everything is made fresh and in-house from local and authentic ingredients. Focusing on quality ingredients is obvious with the final outcome as well sourced food taste and look better.


Live Cooking Stations

Live cooking stations are a great way to add some excitement to your corporate party. Not only do they provide an interactive element, but they also allow your guests to customize their dishes to their liking. While this can be costly, for those special occasions where the guest experience is important, live stations can make an event very memorable for attendees. 

Sophisticated Menu Ordering System

A sophisticated menu ordering system can take your catering to the next level. Consider using technology to make ordering and delivery more efficient and streamlined for your guests. For a number of years now, at Tayybeh we've used our website to allow customers to quickly and efficiently browse all catering options, select food choices, portions, delivery and complete the purchase with just a few clicks. A live chat box allows customers to get feedback and advice about their order while making choices in real time! Tayybeh's website also has reviews of all the items so that the customer can read about previous clients' feedback about each menu item. 

Friendly Catering Staff

Having friendly and helpful catering staff is crucial to creating a positive experience for your guests. Ensure that your staff are well-trained and equipped to handle any issues that may arise during the event.

Additional Services Such as Event Planning

Offering additional services such as event planning can help you stand out from your competitors. By providing a full-service experience, you can create a more memorable and personalized event for your guests.

Memorable Dish Presentation

Finally, dish presentation is an important aspect of catering that can really make your food stand out. Consider caterers who pay attention to the layout of the food and how each item is displayed and presented. Food must look creative, clean, and most importantly appetizing. Sometimes, it’s the finishing touches that can give the catering display extra oomph. Whether it’s edible flowers or unique serving dishes, making sure caterers attend to these fine, yet critical, details is very important. For spreads featuring variety, it's important to think creatively about how to lay items down and their relation to each other. At Tayybeh, we’ve been hosting events for over six years and come up with some of the most beautiful ways to showcase our delicious food. Whether you’re hosting an elegant seated plated dinner or a casual reception, Tayybeh’s team will ensure dishes are presented in a way that suits your occasion and guests.

Cater Sustainably

For many customers, being able to order while ensuring a minimal environmental footprint is critical. From using compostable cutlery and packaging to accurately portioning to avoid food waste, Tayybeh has been a leader in sustainable catering. To learn more about Tayybeh’s commitment to reducing our footprint, check out our journey with sustainability

Support a Good Cause

Whether you’re hosting an exquisite corporate fundraiser or a non-profit office lunch, which businesses you choose to support makes a big difference. Local companies that are part of the community put a lot of care in their work and are committed to impress. Some of the most incredible food businesses in your city might be women-owned or run, others are social enterprises that support vulnerable communities, and many contribute to local charities. Tayybeh, based in the Lower Mainland is one such company. Founded in 2016 to support incredible Syrian newcomer women chefs, Tayybeh is an all-women operation that is committed to supporting local communities in BC, across Canada, and worldwide. From the fires in Fort McMurray to the earthquakes in Turkey, and from the difficulties faced by victims of domestic abuse to hunger during COVID, Tayybeh has been committed to supporting all those in need. When you cater from Tayybeh, you are telling your guests you care about supporting a local business that employs women, fundraise for disaster relief, and are committed to uplifting local communities in need. 

Catering By Tayybeh in Vancouver

If you’re looking for catering in Vancouver and want your event to stand and be remembered, Tayybeh is an amazing choice. We offer a diverse menu with a focus on Middle Eastern cuisine and use high-quality ingredients to create delicious dishes. Plus, we offer customized menus and friendly catering staff to ensure a successful event. As an official and preferred caterer for some of BC's top businesses, universities, government institutions, and nonprofits, we have the experience to make every catering ordering stellar and memorable. 


How to stand out with catering menu?

To stand out with catering menus, it's important to offer unique and memorable dishes that cater to the tastes of your guests. Consider incorporating local and seasonal ingredients, as well as creative presentation and customizable options.

How to stand out with catering cost?

To stand out with catering costs, it's important to offer transparent pricing and value for your guests. Consider offering packages or promotions that provide a full-service experience at a reasonable price as well as a range of cost options for different clients so that they can customize for price. 

Final Thoughts on Corporate Party in Vancouver

Overall, catering can be a key element to making your corporate party in Vancouver a success. By focusing on customized menus, high-quality ingredients, live cooking stations, sophisticated ordering systems, friendly catering staff, sustainable practices, additional services, and memorable dish presentation, you can create a truly unforgettable event. Consider working with a catering company that is experienced, reputable, and has exquisite customer reviews, like Tayybeh, to ensure that your guests find the experience satisfying, memorable, and absolutely delicious. 

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