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Tayybeh Treasures Holiday Box

Tayybeh's most popular delicious products and some special seasonal treats.
- Mhammara (vegan, gluten free)
Our unique sweet red pepper spread made with walnuts, gluten-free breadcrumbs, onion and olive oil.  
- Mutabbal  (vegan, gluten free)
Everyone's favorite dip! Our smooth smoked eggplant with Tahini and olive oil
- Hummus  (vegan, gluten free)
Tayybeh's signature authentic Syrian hummus is unlike any other (vegan, gluten free)
- Aleppo Zaatar  (vegan, gluten free)
Tayybeh's very own Zaatar recipe was honed over generations by families in Aleppo and is the most refreshing, flavourful, and complex seasoning  
- Walnut Maamoul (vegan)
Special edition holiday maamoul cookies filled with walnuts. Healthy and absolutely perfect with a hot beverage
- Kleja Cookies (vegan)
Aromatic tea biscuits made with turmeric, anise, cardamom. Very low in sugar and huge in taste  
- Date Maamoul (vegan)
Traditional Syrian date cookies made with dates, shredded coconut and topped with sesame seeds  
-Tayybeh's Homestyle Pita Chips  x3 (vegan)
The perfect way to enjoy our dips? Scoop 'em up with our homestyle pita Chips. Made in house, they also add complexity and texture to any salad.